About Us

The journey which was started by a chemist as a hobby in 2007,turned into a commercial activity with the brand named ''Fizzy'' in 2010. In those years,while soaps and souvenirs were not popular enough, the company which started its manufacturing activites with knowledge that was gotten from books and by using trial and error method, established a new brand called ‘’Fizzysoaps’’.


In those years again, only the soaps and souvenirs were being produced, the company had improved and changed its field of activity within the process and with the new brand ‘’SILMOLD’’, it started to produce silicone molds, soap bases, scented stones and paintable resin objects in 2013.


By employing professionals in design, production, sales and management departments; always keeping up quality and with the motto of continuous innovation, SILMOLD rapidly grew up and now we both sell wholesale and retail to worldwide.


A company that makes a difference with 3D drawing technology, broke ground in this area and exports to many countries such as England, Germany, Italy, France, Greece, South Africa,  Taiwan, South Korea, Iran, Iraq, Azerbaijan, Saudi Arabia, UAE and etc.


Despite its young age, SILMOLD stays one step ahead in social responsibility projects by donating soaps, scented stones, silicone mold kits to special schools for children’s development, by organizing free workshops at various kindergartens, by welcoming some educational institutions in their workshop and also employs only female employees with positive discrimination.


The company is planning to produce initial materials and auxiliary products that are imported from abroad itself in the future and aims to maintain its leading position in this industry.